It’s been a while since we showed some signs of activity. These weeks have been very lively, as we have been dealing with server transfers and overall theme development. So, to keep the ball moving, we have been thinking of offering a little sneak peek into our next theme.

This upcoming theme will be our first commercial offering, and as such it will be loaded with a lot of options that will let you tune it to your liking. However, our goal with this release is to offer a flexible, portfolio-based theme that doesn’t become bloated with lots of useless configuration pages. We are making sure every option we add plays its part, and is finely tuned to work right out of the box.

When in the planning stage, the theme was initally going to be named Storywriter. While at first we wanted to create a more typography-oriented theme, ultimately we opted for a more visual layout, and as a result the final name may change. If you have a clever idea, please don’t hesitate to tip us off!

This is it for now. We hope to be able to release it soon, so stay on guard for more updates!