A new month, a new theme! September has been a rather busy month, with us releasing individual theme sales in addition to our subscription system. Today, we are adding yet another theme to our premium collection, focusing on a rather popular niche: magazines and multi-topic blogs.

The end result is Forthcoming, a magazine-like WordPress theme that you will surely love.

A magazine layout

Whereas our last premium WordPress theme was all about design and branded blogging, Forthcoming is heavily focused on practical delivery of content. We have built it with blogs that have many different categories, as well as those who want to showcase a lot of useful content in the homepage.

To do that, this theme comes with two main highlights: the featured content, and category listings.

Featured Content

Featured content sits right below the main navigation menu, and is laid out horizontally so the visitor takes note of it. You can take just about any post or page, and mark it as a featured piece so it appears in there.

One cool aspect of this feature is that, depending on how many pages you decide to feature, the number of columns will adjust! If you wish to only have two prominent items, so be it. If you prefer having four smaller posts, go ahead. The featured section will accommodate up to six posts and adapt to the available space.

Category Listings

Next up we have the category post listings. These neat blocks appear right before your latest posts in the homepage, and you can choose any number of categories to be shown here. If you have a magazine that revolves around technology, software, and hardware, you can easily add all of the to the homepage.

Each category will display the five latest posts published under it, all while prominently featuring the latest one. This is a really effective way of creating a complex magazine layout in a matter of seconds, since all you have to do is indicate which categories you want to show in the theme Options page.

Get Forthcoming today

Forthcoming is available starting now to all active CPOthemes subscribers, but you can also get it for a one-time fee of only $49. If you want to create a stunning magazine, or a multi-category blog, this theme is for you.

Take a look at the demo page to see it in action.

Check Out Forthcoming