The advantages of using a page builder to construct your website are many: speed, granular control, or even flexibility. But what makes page builders really shine is the ability to add highly visual elements with barely any effort.

Today we have a pretty significant update for Forge Pro, which brings four new builder elements to the table! If you want to see how you can create highly visual pages, read on.

Create interactive maps in seconds

The biggest element we have added is a Google Maps module. As youmay know, maps are now part of our everyday living: we use them to get directions and find our way, and they have changed the way we go places.

The new Google Maps element will help you create an interactive map with just a few clicks. All you need to do is add it to the layout, and then you can easily type in the address you want to center the map on. On top of that, you can also use Latitude and Longitude values to geolocate any point in the planet. Isn’t that neat?

The true power of the maps element lies in its wide array of options, though. You can choose the type of map to display, whether you want to make it draggable or not, and even the various controls for navigating around.

Whether you want a fully interactive map, or just a static image of your location, you can do it.

Fully Featured Galleries

The second big element we added are galleries. Forge already had an image element that let you insert any kind of picture into the layout, but we were left wanting to create a more powerful solution.

The Gallery is the answer. This element will let you create a grid of images in mere seconds– all you need to do is select any images you need from the Media Library.

We made sure to give you a lot of freedom with this element, and you can control the size of the thumbnails and the number of columns. But it goes even further than that.

The gallery element also gives you the option to make a static grid of images, or to make them clickable and have them open in a lightbox. Furthermore, there are two types of galleries to pick from: a standard grid, and a masonry layout.

HTML and Testimonials

Lastly we have a couple more addition to the element collection.

The first is the HTML block element, which is meant for creating custom blocks of code. Here you can use HTML of any kind to quickly create some custom markup and avaoid having to code by hand. It is not a game changer, but it definitely helps.

The other element are Testimonials. With a testimonial you can easily create a quote from another person, to provide social proof and boost your credibility. These are a great way to boost conversions on any site, and they will surely help out.

More to come

With this update, Forge is shaping up to become a very robust tool for page building. The element collection now has more than 24 items, and there are even more on the way.

If you haven’t tried Forge, make sure to check the free version in the official plugin repository. You won’t be disappointed.