When designing an intricate page layout, having as much control over your actions as possible is essential. You could be one click away from accidentally erasing all your work, or maybe you simply need to preview some changes before deciding to stick with them.

A few days ago we added a powerful Import feature. Today we are release a much-needed feature for Forge: the History dropdown. With it, you will be able to undo, redo, and view all your work with a couple clicks.

This new feature is now present in both the free and premium version of Forge, so read on!

Undo and redo any of your actions

After updating Forge, you will see a new button in the toolbar. This button is the History dropdown, and hovering over it will open a list of the last 10 actions you’ve performed so far.

Each action is clearly described, and it also includes the exact time at which you performed it. This way, you can take a quick look at all the things you’ve done and go back as many steps as needed.


If by chance you need to revert an accidental change, all you need to do is to click on the desired action. Doing so will rewind your work up to before such action was performed. For example, if you click on Deleted Heading, your layout will go back to how it was before the aforementioned heading was deleted.

Undoing your changes will not modify your History roadmap, either. You can go back and forth between your actions until you find the one you want.

The listing will only change until you perform another action such as modifying or adding a new element– and overwrite any posterior actions.

Control over your actions

The main purpose of the History dropdown is simple: to give you a way to rewind your actions in case something goes wrong.

You can take advantage of this feature to try out different ideas and layouts without having to manually revert them, and explore different ways to build pages.

It also serves as a journal, since the History dropdown is only cleared once you publish or discard your changes. If you need to leave your work halfway done, the next time you come back it will be there, waiting for you.

We made it especially descriptive for this reason: so that you can continue with the same workflow you used before.

More to come

The Undo/Redo feature is just one of many essential features we’re bringing to Forge. The main goal is to create an interface that is a pleasure to work with, so expect more like this down the line.

In the meanwhile, you can check out Forge for free.