In a website, many parts of the design are often reused many times over. For example, the site header tends to be consistent from page to page, having the same content and layout. This also happens with things like sidebars, author signatures, and so on.

Reusing your content is a great way to accelerate your design process; instead of taking the time to create an entire page from scratch, it would be ideal to store it and have it readily available. And today we are releasing a new update for Forge that goes along this philosophy: Templates.

Store your best designs

Starting today, users of Forge Pro can now create any number of templates, which can be used to store groups of elements and reuse them later on. This feature is designed to help you create your own library of custom designs– helping you create websites much faster.

Once you update to the latest version, you will see a new section in the WordPress admin called Templates. You can create a new template and launch the builder just like with any other post, and start building.

Simple, right? Here’s the big reveal: any templates you create will automatically appear in the element collection, ready to be used. And just like with any other element, you can drag them into other pages:


Once you drop a template into a page’s content, all elements inside the template will be inserted right in. The template will then become a set of normal elements. From this point on, you can edit and modify them like normal.

As you might expect, changing the template will not affect any pages you’ve used this template in.

Also, parallax backgrounds

The template system is the protagonist of this update, but there’s one more thing: you can now add a parallax effect to row backgrounds too!

Rows now have a field that allows you to make the background image scroll along, stay fixed, or to have a parallax effect. This effect will scroll the image at a different pace than the rest of the page, creating an iullsion of depth.

With this effect, youwill be able to create more professional-looking pages, with more intricate designs.

Still more to come

There is more on the way! If you are a user of Forge Pro, make sure to upgrade right away. We are working hard to create a true page building experience, so expect a new update very soon.

Have you tried Forge already? If not, you can download it for free.