Creating websites can be at times a repetitive task. After all, many pages are often laid out with the same structure: just about every website has a header, a footer, and probably a number of sections.

This is one of the things we wanted to tackle with Forge, and we are finally ready for a new update. Today, we are releasing version 1.3, which is focused on helping you create fully-featured pages with as little as 2 clicks.

Read on.

Premade layouts that you can use on your website

The biggest feature of this update is the new Premade Layouts section. You can now navigate to the options dropdown in the page builder, and access a collection of readily-available layouts.

If you hover over each one of these layouts, you will be able to see a preview of an entire page. And if you select a layout, all of its content will be automatically imported into your page.

That’s right: with two clicks you can create a professional-looking layout on any WordPress site.

A collection of ready-made layouts for you to use. Just add your own texts and you're done!

A collection of ready-made layouts for you to use. Just add your own texts and you’re done!

For now, there are 5 different premade layouts, but this is just the beginning. We plan to create many more for various purposes, depending on the type of site you are trying to develop:

  • Homepages
  • Landing Pages
  • Contact sections
  • About pages

Create fully functional navigation menus

The other big highlight of this update is the navigation menu element. With it, you can now create a working list of menu items, just like the main header of your site.

We wanted to add anvigation menus for a long time since they are an eseential part of WordPress. You can comfortably manage them from the admin area, and build your pages only once.

This way, you can create any kind of website from scratch.

Get Forge today

This update is readily available to anyone who has purchased the Pro version of Forge, so be sure to get it right away. If you have added your license key on the Forge settings page, you will be able to update with a single click.

For those of you who have not tried Forge yet, make sure to do so! It’s a freemium page builder that will make you forget about the old ways of creating content.

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