The way WordPress websites are built has evolved a lot over the last few years.

At first, most WordPress websites only had a simple layout, using only blog posts and static pages at their core. Then custom post types were introduced, allowing allowing users to create more complex webpages and break free from the blog-like designs of old.

And lastly, we’ve seen the rise of page builders. These tools have become a staple in a web designer’s repertoire, and are an almost-essential part of building a flexible, versatile website with WordPress.

These last few months we’ve been working hard on a new tool you will surely love: a front-end page builder of our own!

Introducing Forge

Forge is the name of our latest project. It’s something we’ve been working on for the past months, and it’s finally starting to take shape.


At its core, Forge is a front-end page builder focused on speed and ease of use. That means you will be working straight on your actual website with it, moving blocks of content with ease and looking at the end result at all times.

Unlike other page builders out there, Forge aims to create a true front-end building experience, so that you can focus on creating great content with extreme quickness and ease.

Here is a small preview of what Forge is capable of, and what you will be able to do with it.

A complete collection of elements

forge-elementsForge works by making use of an extensive collection of single elements.

Each element is a single piece of content that can be inserted anywhere in the design, and comes with a number of options so that you can customize it. Some elements can also house other elements inside, so you can build truly intricate pages very intuitively.

We’ve made it so that finding the one piece of content you need is really easy: To use an element, all you need to do is to type part of its name, and the list will sort itself out. Then you can drag and drop it in the area you wish to place it.

Forge goes even a step further, and you can start typing the name of an element at any moment. The collection will open by itself and start finding the right elements.

Forge also makes use of Row elements to organize content any way you want. A single row can have any number of columns, and each column can be independently configured to have specific margins or even background images. You can even create rows inside other rows!

A lightning-fast page builder

When designing Forge, we wanted to focus on one thing: speed.

When it comes to drag & drop page builders, many of them are slow to use and cumbersome. This is especially true for back-end style tools, since you need to constantly cycle between the builder interface and the actual website to get any kind of visual feedback. It’s time to forget the Edit/Preview cycle.


Instead, Forge is centered around making quick changes to your design, that take only 2 to 3 seconds. Adding a new element to your content takes only a couple seconds at most, and saving it is equally fast.

Thanks to that agility, you can mock up a complete layout in only a couple minutes at most, saving you time and effort.

Persistence and compatibility

One of the drawbacks of page builders is that they can be unstable. After all, they are pretty complex pieces of software.

To remedy this, Forge is built from the ground up to remain stable. That means it does not use shortcodes at all, and it is also made to work with virtually all themes out there.

Even more important, Forge is persistent. Any change you make in Forge will automatically be saved, so that you don’t have to worry about losing your work at all. You can close the browser window while editing, and the next time you come back everything will be just like when you left.

Coming Soon, a new page builder

This is only a small preview of what Forge can do, and we hope to release it very soon. The plugin will be released in the coming weeks as a premium plugin here at CPOThemes, but there will be a free version as well so that you can use it right way.

If you want to stay updated and know more about Forge, make sure to register for free in CPOThemes! We will be sending exclusive discounts to all our members once the plugin launches, and keep everyone updated as we develop this plugin.

Stay tuned for Forge!