When we designed Forge, we wanted to create a page building experience that was as close to real-time editing as possible. We wanted to remove any possible friction between the user and the content, so that the interface would be really intuitive.

Today we are taking another step in that direction with the introduction of a really powerful feature: live editing! This update comes for both the free and premium version of Forge, and it will surely affect the way you design pages for sure. Keep on reading!

Preview your changes in real time

When editing an element in Forge, you are presented with the settings for for that element. There you can change the various attributes for that piece of content, like the color or font size.

Before, all these changes were only reflected in the design of your page after you saved and closed the form. It was a disrupting experience. If you wanted to try various sizes or layouts, you had to reload the form multiple times– and thus waiting each time.

forge-live-editingNow, things are different. We’ve implemented live editing so that every change you make to an element is instantly reflected in the design.

Take for example, a Heading element. As soon as you tweak its size and alignment settings, you will see how the element looks right in your layout. No waiting, no need to save. This way you can change things around and experiment with various settings until you are satisfied.

Live editing is an enormous change to the way Forge works, because it really speeds up the way you can work with the builder, as well as resulting in less saving.

Get Forge for free and try live editing

Live editing is already live (pardon the pun), and you can find it in both versions of Forge. If you have purchased the Pro version of our front-end page builder, all you need to is update.

If you haven’t tried Forge out, what are you waiting for?

Get Forge.