Today we’re putting out a long-promised update to one of our free WordPress themes: Enclosed! The theme has been given a massive update from the inside out, adding new features and streamlining its design place it in line with the rest. Also, it remains completely free of cost, so you can download it right away!

On the outside, the update might not seem like much, but there are definite improvements. For instance, the blog section has been improved to have a more standarized layout across the board, and the size of the icons in the homepage has been increased. Perhaps the most notable change is that you can now create beautiful panoramas using featured images, which are placed behind the title of each page.

On the inside, it’s a completely different theme. We’ve turned it into a HTML5 theme, making use of the new markup tags such as section or article. The CPO Core has been updated to the latest version, with all the functionality and shortcodes it brings to the table. The entire HTML markup has been streamlined and improved a lot, adding more semantic classes and IDs.

Overall, the theme has been given a much-neeeded refreshing update, and since it’s still a free WordPress theme, you can get it completely free of cost! If you already have the theme installed in your site, be warned that you might see some changes in the overall layout, which we hope are for the better. If you still haven’t gotten your hands on it, you can do it now!

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