Last week we took a look at the importance of building an email marketing list in order to grow your online business. Having a list by itself is only part of the equation– you need to make it grow and nurture it so it becomes a valuable asset. In this article we will take a look at some of the things you can do to boost your list signups, as well as some guidelines on what you should do and shouldn’t do when sending mass email.

Growing An Organic Email List

Just placing your email signup form on your site isn’t going to cut it most of the time. In fact, you’d need a highly trafficked site to start collecting addresses right away without any effort. And since you’re starting to build your reputation, people aren’t simply going to trust you with their email addresses. Therefore, you need to incentivize your users with a reason to sign up.

In order to make your visitors want to subscribe to your email list, you should give something in exchange. Remember, the reason people are going to sign up is because they will gain something of value. This can be something as simple as regular news and updates about your online project, or something more elaborate such as offers and exclusives. Here is a list of things you can offer to people who sign up:

Offer a freebie. This is perhaps the most effective way of getting people to sign up for your email marketing list. Basically, it consists on offering anyone who signs up a free product of your choosing. This can be an ebook, a template, an exclusive report, or just about anything you believe will be of use. Above all, the key is to provide something of value that people will like.

Give access to exclusive offers. Another way of gaining subscribers faster is to offer some kind of exclusive discount to subscribers. If you’re running an online store, you can try offering an exclusive coupon to anyone willing to sign up for future updates. This is not limited only to eCommerce sites– you can also offer exclusive content such as articles or reports.

Clearly state what people will receive. If you don’t have anything to offer to subscribers right away, you can also indicate what kind of emails you will send. For example, you could state the following in your form:

By signing up to our newsletter, you will receive weekly updates on our site, plus some occasional discounts.

This is most effective for blogs that publish content regularly, as it helps regular readers stay on top of the latest news. Being clear about your email policy helps build trust with your readers, as it ensures they won’t be spammed.

Of course, you’re not limited to only these strategies. For example, this HubSpot article has a very long list of ideas you can use to create unique email marketing strategies, but it will all depend on what best works for you.

How To Grow Your Email List

It’s important to keep in mind what kind of subscribers you want in your email list. As we mentioned in the previous article, the quality of your list matters as much as its size. It doesn’t matter how many subscribers you have if only a tiny fraction are interested on what you can offer them, no matter how good the deal is.

As such, you need to focus your content around what your clients are interested in. For instance, if you choose to offer a freebie, it should be something a customer would find useful, or that would help them buy something from you. By doing this, you will steer your list in the right direction and gain subscribers that may be of interest in the future. There is no point in build ing a list comprised of people that only look for free stuff, after all.

Building a great, large subscriber base is not an easy task. It takes time and patience to gain readers, but if you do it right, you’re guaranteed to get a very valuable asset for your marketing goals. In the next article, we will take a look at maintaining your list in order to improve its quality, as well as some do’s and don’ts of email marketing.

How do you manage your email marketing list? Do you have some rules of your own?