It’s time for a new release! Starting today we’re officially launching our newest theme, Distinct. This time we’ve created a portfolio theme, but with some special quirks that we hope you’ll like.

A Unique Layout

The first thing you will notice about Distinct is its sidebar and vertical menu. In many senses, it’s the spiritual successor to Pragma (our very first premium theme released over 2 years ago!), since it follows a similar pattern. However, the differences end there, and Distinct is a theme that stands on its own in terms of design.

Among its core features, Distinct sports a secondary sidebar located right below the main menu, which can be used to add all kinds of content. This follows the same design style as Pragma in order to give you more freedom when adding content. However, the main sidebar in Distinct is located with the content itself, and you can essentially have two sidebars at the same time in any page you wish. Talk about flexibility!

Besides that, Distinct also comes with all the features you would expect in a premium WordPress theme from us: widgets, shortcodes, page templates, and integration with some of the most popular plugins out there. They all come neatly packaged in the theme and ready for you to use.

Not The Typical Portfolio Theme

We wanted to create a theme that had a unique, defining feature. While we sorted through a lot of different examples and went through many iterations, we finally settled for the portfolio you will see in the theme demo.

With the abundance of portfolio themes that display a grid-like listing, the overall design of them all has become watered down and a bit overused. Still, fact is that they remain a very useful resource for building websites, as evidenced by their popularity and ever-growing demand. So, we ended up adding a personal touch to Distinct in the form of uneven, brick-like portfolio layouts.


What’s more, the portfolio listing in distinct does not actually work like one would initially expect. Instead of simply clicking on each image to get to the corresponding portfolio page, your visitors will be able to see an extended preview in the form of an excerpt. We were inspired by this design pattern while browsing through Google Images, and thought it would be a refreshing element in an otherwise saturated industry.

Create A Distinct Website Today

Distinct is available starting right now to all CPOThemes subscribers. If you’re not a subscriber, you can get access to this and every other theme in our collection for only $60 per year.

As a reminder, any and all themes we release are immediately available to active subscribers, and even after the subscription ends you will be able to continue using everything you’ve downloaded so far.

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