When users create a new WordPress page, comments are always turned on by default. For some people, disabling comments can get annoying when they have a ton of pages on their website and sometimes forget to uncheck the comments box.

As you already know, you can use WordPress to create a site that looks nothing like a blog. Furthermore, you can use some pages to have custom content and others for blog posts. Some posts don’t really need comments on them.

Comments sections are often filled with spammy and self-promotional posts and moderating these comment sections can eat into your productive time. So if you don’t want comments on some of your pages, here’s how to turn off comments in WordPress.

How to Turn Off All Comments

Before we tell you how to turn off comments, we need to tell you about a plug-in you should be using. No Page Comment is a plug-in that does what its name suggests. You should go and download it, to simply install it from your dashboard. Once you install and activate the plug-in, you can proceed to configure it.

Go to your dashboard, click the plug-ins tab, and select the No Page Comment one and click on Settings.

If you still don’t have too many pages and you only want to disable comments on new pages you create, you should just check the Comments and Trackback boxes that are next to Pages. Then, click on Update Settings and you’re all done.

However, if you have already created some pages and you want to disable comments on all of those, you need to click Disable All Comments button and the Disable all Trackbacks one in the Modify All Current subdivision. And with that, all of your WordPress pages will comment free from now on.

How to Enable Comments on Certain Pages

Of course, although you’ve stopped comments on all of your pages, this doesn’t mean you can’t enable them on certain pages you want. Some posts completely devoid of a comment section always seem incomplete, which is why so many sites out there welcome comments with open hands.

Since you probably want a comment section on certain pages, we need to tell you how to enable them.

This means you’ll have to go and manually enable the comments on the page you want. You need to the Post Editor screen. There, in the upper right corner, you will see the Screen Options button. Once you click on this button, you will see a drop-down menu and the Discussion option. Check the box next to this option.

When you check this box, you’ll be able to scroll down and find a Discussion box on your Post Editor screen. And this is the box that enables you to both enable and disable comments on every single page you create. Here, you’ll see an Allow Comments option, and if you want to allow people to comment on this page, just check the box next to it.

Once you’re done with this, you’ll be able to edit, update and publish the page with a comment section. And with that, we’re completely done. Now you know how to disable comments on all of the pages, and how to enable on the certain ones you want them on.

Final Thoughts

With the right tools, this is one of the more simple tasks in your WordPress dashboard. While there are other ways to disable comments, we feel that the No Page Comment button allows you to do it with little less hassle than others. We hope this little guide helped you learn how to switch off comments on certain pages.