Pretty much every site has an About page– nowadays, they’re a common ocurrence anywhere in the Internet, if not a mandatory one. Yet, most of the time they are composed of monotonous paragraphs of text rambling on about mission statements, idealistic views of the industry, and how the company strives to provide the best service available there is to its customers. Boring. It could be said that the About page stands in a category of their own– after all, it’s pretty much the only place where you should focus on yourself, instead of your visitor. It is your place to express who you are and what you do. This article contains a few simple, yet effective tricks to create the an interesting About page that will grab the attention of your visitors.

Tell An Interesting Story

People like to read stories. They’re everywhere, from books to newspapers to magazine articles, and they normally succeed in grabbing the attention of the reader. What’s more, they can relate on a more personal level since emotions are at play.

An interesting about page should tell a story: yours. It should tell how your business started out from that little refurbished garage, to when you moved to your first office, to when you launched your product at last. Be sure to be detailed when displaying your roadmap throughout the years. Don’t be afraid to show plenty of emotion either, as it is what will bring your users closer to you. The ones who can relate more to your story will probably the most loyal ones in the end.

Show Who’s Behind the Scenes

Nobody likes to interact with a robot-like company, and your site is no exception. That’s why you need to display who runs it. Be sure to display the faces of your team, providing your users with an easy way of knowing the people behind it all. A person can relate more easily to you if they realize there’s actual people working there to maintain the site.

Also, be sure show what your workplace is like. The people reading your About page are either interested in knowing you better, or in working with you. Therefore, you should be open about your company and offer a window to the way you work.

Be Sincere on Your Statement

Forget about idealistic mission statements. Your company likely focuses on doing one single thing the best they can (and if not you should define a clear mission right now), so explain it in simple words. You should convey to your prospective clients what is it that you do, and why you are good at it. Focus on giving them a reason to hire you, so be clear and sincere on why you are the right choice.

If neded, you can also link to some case studies or past work. This is a good way of driving the point home when showing the kind of work you can accomplish and the level of quality a client can expect. However, keep in mind that the About page is not about selling your services. More on that later.

Be Concise and To the Point

As with any well-designed page, only include what’s necessary. Be sure to remove anything that doesn’t contribute to the page, as it will only serve to overcrowd it and make it less clear. When it comes to your About page, you should try to explain what you do in a few paragraphs or less, and let the images do most of the talking. Above everything, your message should be crystal clear and easy to understand.

Do Not Sell At All

As mentioned before, your About page should not try to sell your services to any prospective clients. This is hardly respected in most sites, focusing instead on forcing their services onto the visitor. Your About page is different from the rest of your site in that it’s the only one about yourself, and not the user. If someone is reading it, it is probably out of interest in yourself, so you should focus on showing who you are in full detail. Putting all kinds of offers in your About page may simply chase away the user instead of bringing him closer to you.

Writing interesting About page is not as simple as it may seem. With all the advertising and overcrowding we face everyday, we might commit a mistake thinking we should take every available opportunity to sell our services in every page of our site. But in the end, it’s all about the people behind it and their relationships with their clients.