We have a new layout! After releasing our first premium theme, we needed to make some changes to allow the site to grow, as well as polish some of the details that had been overlooked in the previous design. End point, we needed to realign.

Although this new layout is way better that the old one, there are a few caveats: first, the support forums are gone. While they were useful for anyone who needed some help for our themes, they were too much of a burden to maintain. That doesn’t mean we’re dropping support, at all. Instead, we will take any inquiries for our free themes by email and answer just like in the forums. The most common questions for each theme will be posted in a FAQ page, so that users can quickly refer to it. We’re also planning to create Quickstart guides for all of our themes, detailing their features and how to use them.

What about Pragma? As you might have noticed, our premium theme is sold through Mojo Themes. Since there is not much activity for now, we will respond to any inquiries in its item page over there. Of course, we’ll also create FAQs and Quickstart guides for this theme.

Stay tuned for more updates!