Today we have just released a new version of our CPO Shortcodes plugin. It may not seem like a big deal, but on the inside a lot has changed.

While the version jump only goes from 1.1 to 1.2, the vast majority of the code has been revamped and streamlined towards easier expandability. Here’s the rundown of the changes.

Streamlined Attributes

The first thing to note is that some shortcodes attributes have changed. Most notably, buttons, notices, and other elements that have background colors have been changed to use the background attribute instead of the color attribute.

This is due to the inclusion of new attributes, which made the old ones not make any sense. For example, buttons used to have a color attribute to change the background color of the button. However, a new attribute that lets you control the color of the text has been added, and as such the old one didn’t make any sense.

This has allowed us to add a slew of new attributes that give you more control over your shortcodes. You can check the new syntax by going over to the shortcode documentation.

Shortcode Prefixes

CPO Shortcodes now comes with an option page that lets you pick a prefix, so that shortocdes can be used in the form [prefix_shortcode]. This prefix will allow you to ease any conflicts with other plugins and ensure maximum compatibility. It is highly encouraged that you use the starting prefix (ct), but if you had the plugin since version 1.1, you can simply leave it empty to keep everything running smoothly.

Better Styling

Besides these massive overhauls, the CSS styling of each shortcode has been improved and made more compatible with other WordPress themes. Things such as borders and background colors have been streamlined so they blend in with the design of most websites, giving your content amore uniform look.

You can get CPO Shortcodes straight from the WordPress repository, and you can check our demo sites for a better look at what you can do with this plugin.