Content is King. Many have said it for a while now, and it holds truer everyday. But while creating relevant and interesting content is important enough, creating beautifully designed pages may be equally as essential for a website. Often enough, a lot of web projects spend a lot of effort on the design phase, only to add all the content on top further down the line. The result is a gap between the visual aspect and the actual text within the site. While this may not be the intended result most of the time, it is in fact a very important part of the planning stage of a website.

Content Design Using WordPress

This is especially true of WordPress sites using premium themes, as they are installed in a matter of seconds and content is normally created on the fly. What’s more, the used theme is rarely chosen after doing a thorough examination of the theme’s possibilities and applications. However, this doesn’t mean that using WordPress hampers your ability to do content design. In fact, WordPress offers plenty of tools to create beautifully designed pages, and most premium themes nowadays also come with a wide array of design options.

Good Design Is Invisible Design

We believe in great web design as a complementary discipline to creating relevant content, such that the layout itself becomes invisible and not an obstacle to the user. Successfully mixing both elements can greatly enhance the content of a page, creating a vastly different impression in your visitors.

That’s why we’ve decided to blog about content design. As such, we’ll be talking about enhancing pages with good design techniques, planning out great websites, and in particular using the full potential of WordPress to deliver amazing experiences. Stay tuned for the most interesting articles, tips and tricks on creating amazing content with WordPress.