WordPress is very powerful when it comes to generating richly formatted content in a post or page. You can style text much like you do in Microsoft Word, being able to format your content any way you like. This includes aligning paragraphs in any direction, adding bold or italic text, or even inserting blockquotes. But with such a vast array of powerful tools, there is also the need of using them responsibly.

Such is the case with the color picker. WordPress’ visual editor comes with a little feature that lets you specify which color you wish your text to have. Thanks to this, you can add virtually any color to your pages and posts. Except that you must avoid doing this at all times.

Avoid Inconsistent Design

The main reason why you should not do this is consistency. One of the defining aspects of a professional website is keeping a consistent image across all pages. This means paragraphs should be formatted equally, font sizes should not change from one page to another, and the formatted content itself should make sense.

This includes keeping text color consistent across your entire site. If you choose to style a certain text with a specific color, you must have a very compelling reason for it. Additionally, that means you should also use that same color anywhere that same reason applies, in order to keep with consistency. After all, you dont want your visitors to notice arbitrary changes in the design, do you? While it may not seem like a big deal, having an inconsistent design can definitely affect your image.

Leave the Styling To The WordPress Theme

One thing you should keep in mind is that the design of your site does not, and should not occur in the WordPress visual editor. That area should be left to the WordPress theme you’re using. It should be able to style all your media elements in a way that looks professional and consistent.

The only thing you must focus on when working in the visual editor is on creating great content that will interest your visitors. Thus, coloring text is almost always a minor task and should not take away from refining your web copy. Your reader will probably care more about what your articles are about, and not what color they’re in.

Lowering Maintenance In The Visual Editor

If you havent noticed it already, let me speak it out loud for maximum clarity: manually styling colored text across your whole site is a lot of work. More specifically, this is a lot of (mostly) unnecessary work, which turns it into a productivity killer. As your site grows, the amount of elements that you need to style and keep track of will inevitably grow too. This will in turn lead to errors, as the number of places a color must be applied becomes unmanageable. All of this can result in a site that is harder to maintain for little to no reason, which means more time and effort will need to be invested on it to make it work.

If you’re serious about having a professional online website that offers a solid image, then forget about the color picker tool. While it’s a great tool to have and may even be useful in some specific cases, it’s not something you should use everyday. Instead, the thing you should always focus when working on your WordPress site is on writing good copy that works for your product, and helps you further your main objectives.