A new premium WordPress theme is here! Today we’re proud to announce the release of Coalesce, a personal theme geared toward independent freelancers. We’re working to round out our portfolio of WordPress themes, so it was only a matter of time until we released a theme that focused on personal profiles.

Coalesce is born from the idea of a no-nonsense, personal portfolio site. Unlike business themes, it is more geared towards displaying a portfolio showcase right away.We designed it so that new visitors will instantly know what your site is about, thanks to a customizable tagline right on the header of the page.

The overall design also takes some cues from social sites like Instagram, making use of calm, yet polished colors to breathe life into your pages. All the colors of the theme have been designed to be customizable, so you can effortlessly tailor it to your personal brand.


Coalesce comes with all the tools you need to create a multimedia portfolio. You can add static images, slideshows, grid-like galleries, or even videos from Vimeo or YouTube. In addition to that, we’ve made sharing your portfolio really easy thanks to built-in sharing buttons on each portfolio item. That way, your visitors can share your work through Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest with a single click.

As usual, Coalesce is available right away for all active subscribers. If you have not subscribed yet, you can do so for only $60/year! A subscription will give you access to all themes, including future releases.

What are you waiting for? Go get Coalesce!