Creating a podcast can be a complicated process. You likely have more than enough on your plate without needing to deal with setting up a website to host your podcast. If this describes you, what you need are the best WordPress podcast plugins to make promoting your online show a breeze.

To that end, we’ve collected 8 podcasting plugins for WordPress to cover a wide range of needs. We’ll go over every little feature so you don’t have to waste hours doing research when you could be setting up your show.

Why You Need a WordPress Podcast Plugin

Many people use WordPress as a simple solution to run a blog, but for podcasters, archiving their streams online isn’t quite as easy a task.

Wherever your podcast is being hosted, embedding it on your website in a visually pleasing way isn’t just a simple matter of copy and paste. You need a way to upload the file or import it from off-site, display it in a media player, and make it easy to access all the past episodes.

Imagine coding that all by yourself! Thanks to WordPress podcasting plugins, you don’t have to. It’s a simple matter of connecting an RSS feed or pasting a shortcode in the backend to embed your podcasts right on the page.

And these plugins don’t just help with embedding. They can also get subscribers on board, set up an RSS feed, manage multiple podcasts on one site, and organize your podcasts by chapter.

A good plugin will take the bulk of the work out of creating a functioning website for your podcast and leave you time to deal with issues like coming up with episode ideas and purchasing the right equipment.

What to Look For in a WordPress Podcast Plugin

There’s quite a bit to look out for when choosing the ideal podcast plugin, so what features should you keep in mind in particular?

  • Frequent updates and good reviews — Podcasting is a medium that’s constantly evolving, so you don’t want to use an old, outdated plugin. Good reviews indicate that it still works and provides the features it claims to offer.
  • Easy player embedding — Whether it’s through a shortcode, a link, or totally automatically, uploading new episodes and displaying them on your website should be easy.
  • Wide audio and video format support — Nothing is more annoying than having to convert your audio file type, or finding out too late that video podcasts aren’t supported. Ensure also that your plugin supports your podcast hosting platform.
  • Supports multiple podcasts — What if you start a second podcast down the line? This will cause issues if your plugin muddles them up together in playlists.
  • Media player customization — What’s worse than visiting another site only to find that their podcast player looks exactly like yours? Choose a plugin that lets you add that extra special touch.
  • Subscription and sharing features — It isn’t enough to throw your podcast out there and hope for the best. The best podcast plugin will include features to help draw in subscribers and notify them when a new episode goes live.
  • RSS feed — A podcast RSS feed can seriously boost subscribers by providing metadata to sites like Spotify, iTunes, and TuneIn.

Top 8 Best Podcast Plugins for WordPress

Now that you know what to keep an eye out for when choosing a WordPress podcast plugin, let’s take a look at a quick overview of their prices.

Keep in mind that many of these plugins, even the paid ones, do not offer podcast hosting. For that, you may need to use a third-party service.

PowerPressFree / Podcast hosting and integrations start at $12/month4.5 starsDownload plugin
FuseboxFree / Pro is $19/month5 starsDownload plugin
Seriously Simple PodcastingFree / Castos hosting and integration starts at $19/month5 starsDownload plugin
BuzzsproutFree / Premium starts at $12/month5 starsDownload plugin
Podlove Podcast PublisherFree4.5 starsDownload plugin
Simple Podcast PressStarts at $67/year of updates and support4.5 starsDownload plugin
Podcast PlayerFree / $39.99/year of updates or $59.95 lifetime fee5 starsDownload plugin
Libsyn Publisher HubStarts at $5/month4 starsDownload plugin

1. PowerPress


PowerPress is currently the most popular podcasting plugin in the WordPress repository.

Developed by Blubrry, a podcast hosting and statistics service, it’s available for anyone to use for free no matter where their podcasts are hosted. But of course, Blubrry subscribers will find a variety of helpful integrations.

Core Features

  • Multiple integrated audio and video players to choose from.
  • Create a subscribe page with a simple shortcode.
  • Create separate podcast categories or channels to host multiple shows.
  • Integrations, such as easy podcast uploading or access to the Blubrry Player, with Blubrry hosting.
  • Easily place players and entire playlists on your site with shortcodes.
  • Basic statistics included for free.


  • Supports any podcast hosting provider, not just Blubrry.
  • Offers extra features for Blubrry subscribers.
  • Active, reliable plugin support.
  • Support for video as well as audio podcasts, and multiple file formats for each.
  • Easily migrate from other podcast plugins and services.


  • Some users complain of unintuitive UI and difficulty learning the plugin.
  • A few non-essential features are locked out unless you migrate to Blubrry hosting.

This Plugin is Best For…

This plugin is a good choice for just about anyone. Do note that hosting with Blubrry is not free, but with its wide support for alternate hosting services and file types, PowerPress works no matter where your files come from.

If you’re already using Blubrry podcast hosting, you should definitely pick up this plugin just for the helpful integrations.


PowerPress itself is completely free to use. There is no premium version.

If you want to make use of some of the Blubrry integrations, the Podcast Statistics Professional plan is only $5/month, and Podcast Hosting starts at $12/month.

2. Fusebox


Fusebox is more than just a simple podcasting plugin with a basic media player. It’s jam packed with features to help you get the most out of your online show.

Core Features

  • Responsive, highly customizable media player.
  • Email capture and user subscription features to boost engagement.
  • Unlimited shows (pay-per-show after a certain number).
  • Sticky player that shows on every page.
  • Archive player to show all past episodes and sort by your parameters.
  • Includes Rev and Temi automatic transcription plugins.


  • You can customize the media player with colors, buttons, and extra functionality such as speed control.
  • Custom sort, single track podcast player, and playlist players are all available.
  • Integrates with multiple podcast hosts, networks, and email marketing services.
  • Online knowledge base makes learning the tool easy.
  • Free automatic podcast transcription.


  • No podcast hosting even on premium plans; you’ll need to host elsewhere.
  • You will need to sign up for a Fusebox account to use even the free version.
  • No email support for free users.
  • You need to pay extra for multiple podcasts after a certain amount.

This Plugin is Best For…

Anyone looking for a richly featured podcast plugin will love this one. Features such as the sticky player are particularly nice, and the customization is great if you dislike having a basic, barely personalized media player on your site.


Fusebox offers both a free and pro version of their plugin. Do note that podcast hosting isn’t integrated, so you’ll need to find a separate service for that.

PlanPriceWhat’s Included?
FreeFreeSingle track player, basic player customization and subscription links, manual upload transcripts.
Pro$19/month monthly or $15.83/month annuallyArchive/playlist player, sticky player, full-page player, full player customization, and automatic transcription.

3. Seriously Simple Podcasting

Seriously Simple Podcasting

Just as its name implies, Seriously Simple Podcasting is designed to make your life as easy as possible. It’s easy to use, it’s free, and it takes the hassle out of finding a suitable WordPress podcast plugin.

This plugin is made by Castos, but you don’t need an account there to use it. The integration adds in extra statistics and uploading features to benefit users on those plans.

Core Features

  • Easy podcast RSS feed generation for Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more.
  • Choose from the compact or HTML5 media player. Customize, add functionality, and more.
  • Manage multiple podcasts on the same site.
  • Free integration with Seriously Simple Stats.
  • Syncs with Castos hosting, if you use it. Works with any podcast hosting provider otherwise.


  • Customizable media players for any situation.
  • Display playlists or single episodes anywhere using a simple shortcode.
  • Easily generate an RSS feed for each episode.
  • Video podcasting support.
  • Extensive documentation and free support.
  • Castos users: Advanced statistics on your dashboard, one-click Spotify submission, and automatic syncing to Castos hosting account.


  • You might need to do a little tweaking as not everything may work perfectly right out of the box.

This Plugin is Best For…

Beginners in particular will enjoy the simplicity of this plugin, but plenty of experienced podcasters love it as well. It may not have all the flashy features paid plugins boast, but it has everything you need to get started and more.

If you want the best free podcast plugin for WordPress, this is certainly it.


This plugin is completely free to use. There are a few nifty integrations with Castos hosting (which starts at $19/month), but if you’re already using another service, you won’t need to switch.

4. Buzzsprout


Looking for simple, no-hassle podcast hosting and a plugin to go with it? Buzzsprout might just be what you need. Everything about this is designed to be easy for beginners to pick up.

This one is a bit of a mixed bag though, so take a look at the features to see if this is right for you.

Core Features

  • Super simple, lightweight plugin: Upload to Buzzsprout, the fetch the episode from your account and embed it in WordPress.
  • Speedy HTML5 player.
  • Statistics built in.
  • Customize RSS feed with FeedBurner.
  • Easy upload to iTunes.


  • Very easy to pick up and use.
  • Podcast hosting is included.


  • Only works with Buzzsprout hosting. The free plan only stores episodes for 90 days, and can only upload two hours per month.
  • Minimal free support on WordPress.

This Plugin is Best For…

If you want to stick with free plugins, this one definitely isn’t the best due to requiring a Buzzsprout account and deleting podcasts after 90 days.

But if you like the paid plans, Buzzsprout is pretty good for those who don’t want to deal with super complicated plugins. It’s very simple, lightweight, and easy to use. No scratching your head trying to figure out how to do basic tasks with this one.


The plugin itself is free to download, but you will need to have a Buzzsprout plan to use it at all. A free plan exists, and paid plans start at $12/month.

5. Podlove Podcast Publisher

Do you feel all these other plugins are outdated and difficult to use? Podlove was built on the core idea of creating a modern, cutting-edge podcast plugin, and it’s got the features to prove it.

Core Features

  • Built-in custom web player, HTML5 and fully responsive.
  • Complete control over podcast feeds.
  • Supports all modern audio and video file types.
  • Powerful analytics built in.
  • Subscription button included.


  • Open source and 100% free. No premium versions to deal with.
  • Fine control over every aspect.
  • Modular features that can be enabled or disabled at will.
  • Programmers will love the custom templating and modular design.


  • You will need to use a separate service for hosting.
  • It can be a bit difficult to grasp for beginners.

This Plugin is Best For…

Advanced users who have development skills will make the most use out of Podlove. But you don’t need to know how to program unless you want to mess with custom templating; anyone can enjoy this feature-rich plugin.

Unlike others this plugin does not hold your hand, so beginners may have a bit of trouble. If you’re up for a challenge, the core features are still quite helpful.


Podlove is completely free to use. No hidden costs in here.

6. Simple Podcast Press

Simple Podcast Press

It can be hard to find a growth-focused podcast plugin. Some of them throw in a subscribe button, but that’s about it.

Simple Podcast Press is all about growing. It does more than just the bare minimum to net you subscribers and exists to make your online show successful.

Core Features

  • Full automation for publishing and adding subscription calls to action.
  • Control what episodes you import.
  • Built-in podcast player with engagement-focused design and clickable timestamps.
  • Email opt-in and subscribe features to boost engagement.


  • Works with common podcast hosts to automatically publish to your site.
  • Customizable media player. Supports video podcasts, collapsible transcripts, and clickable timestamps.
  • Playlist podcast player included.
  • One-click sharing buttons and customizable calls to action.


  • No free plan available.
  • Podcast hosting isn’t included (but it does integrate with many hosts).

This Plugin is Best For…

Users looking for a premium plugin designed to help them grow will love this. If you’re tired of your podcast stagnating with no views or downloads, this is the one.

In addition, the automation features are very nice for those short on time. Episodes you upload to iTunes will be automatically posted to your site. You don’t even need to log in.


No free version is available here; you need to choose from three plans. The basic plan includes all the core features, but you can upgrade to use across multiple sites or on client sites.

When you purchase a license, you can keep using the plugin forever. But after a year, you’ll need to renew to get updates and support.

PlanPriceWhat’s Included
Single$67Everything mentioned above for 1 website: The Simple Podcast Player, automatic publishing, timestamps, one-click Tweetables, and more. 
Professional$97Use on 3 websites and client sites, plus premium support.
Multi$147Use on up to 10 websites and client sites.

7. Podcast Player

Podcast Player

Podcast Player is a good, well-rounded plugin that contains a fair variety of features. Except for podcast hosting itself, it’s got a great media player with plenty of customization, powerful filtering, and supports any host.

Core Features

  • Customizable web player with multiple designs such as the mini player and catalogue players.
  • Multiple layout options such as minimal, card, and grid layout.
  • Sharing elements built into the player.
  • Filter which episodes appear on your site. Use Ajax search to filter further.


  • Works with any podcast host, as well as self-hosted mp3 uploads.
  • Supports video podcasts.
  • Add a custom audio message to your podcast before, after, or in the middle.
  • Customize the player to add and remove functionality. Multiple appearance options are included too.


  • No major disadvantages, except that podcast hosting isn’t included.

This Plugin is Best For…

Overall Podcast Playeris a good plugin for just about anyone. Both its free and premium versions are great and it’s built to work flexibly with any podcast host.

The media player layout options included in the pro version look great with their crisp modern designs. So if you’ve found other plugins’ players lacking, Podcast Player is worth checking out.


Podcast Player has both a free and Pro version. The free version is feature-rich on its own, but you get some extra templates and finer control over your podcasts if you upgrade.

If you choose to buy the yearly version of Pro, you get support and updates for a year. You don’t need to renew unless you want updates again. For the lifetime version, you only need to buy it once.

PlanPriceWhat’s Included?
FreeFreeAll the basic features: the media player, fetching from RSS feed, and more.
Pro$39.99/yearUse on up to 3 sites. More player templates and customization, Ajax search, audio message, and podcast filtering.
Pro Lifetime$59.95Same as Pro, but lifetime support and use on up to 25 websites.

8. Libsyn Publisher Hub


Libsyn has long been known as a great podcast host and a safe choice for those who aren’t sure where to put their shows. Their Publisher Hub offers a free integration that connects the popular service to WordPress.

Core Features

  • Create new episodes and publish them automatically from WordPress to Libsyn.
  • Migrate automatically from feed and upload previously published episodes.
  • Advanced scheduling features.


  • Connects easily to your Libsyn account. You can even access your Libsyn Dropbox from WordPress.
  • Optimize your episodes for Apple Podcasts and create ID3 tags.
  • Schedule your podcast to appear on certain platforms whenever you want.
  • Works with Gutenberg blocks.


  • Requires paid LibSyn hosting to use.
  • Some users complain of bugs and there appears to be very little support on WordPress.

This Plugin is Best For…

Users already hosting with Libsyn should most definitely install this plugin. It’s the best way to make the most of your account.

If you haven’t picked a host yet, consider this one for its easy uploading from WordPress to Libsyn and vice versa. The extra automation is very helpful for busy podcasters.


Libsyn Publishing Hub itself is totally free. But you will need a Libsyn hosting plan to use it, and these start at $5/month.

Best Features of WordPress Podcast Plugins

  • With media player embedding, bringing your podcast to life is as easy as clicking a button.
  • Furthermore, customization lets you add functionality (such as increasing playback speed or downloading the podcast) and change how the player looks.
  • Multi-format support means that however you record your podcast, and whether it’s audio or video, you can host it on your site.
  • RSS feed customization lets you easily upload your podcast to supported platforms.
  • Transcript support allows you to upload written logs that let users read along or skim the content before they listen.
  • Many plugins support multiple podcast feeds, which is really helpful for when you want to host more than one show.

Final Thoughts: Which WordPress Podcast Plugin is Best?

With so many plugins to choose from, how can you narrow it down? While all of these are viable contenders, here are the few you should really consider.

🥇 If you want the best features whether you’re using the paid plan or not, both Podcast Player and Fusebox are wonderful choices.

🥈 Some plugins are a must-have simply because of the podcast hosting service you choose. PowerPress, Buzzsprout, Seriously Simple Podcasting, and Libsyn Publisher Hub are your best bets if you’re already using their hosting.

🥉 Podlove can be somewhat hard to learn, but its full, modular control over everything is unmatched.

Once you’ve got your podcasting host and plugin picked out, your work here is finished. Now you can get back to setting up your podcast, and get ready to publish your episodes for everyone to see.