Backing up your WordPress website is the most important step when it comes to the security of your website. There are many bloggers and website owners who don’t take this step seriously and then regret it later. Don’t rely on the backup provided by them. I am not saying not to have it but I am saying not to depend on it completely.

There are cases, when people who depended on their host providers backup, couldn’t access their account. If you can’t access your account, how would you restore your data? Stuck right. To avoid these cases, you must have a backup of your WordPress website in some device of yours where can have the access even after a hack.

The best part of WordPress is for every problem there is a plugin for the solution. In order to solve the backup issue, there are many WordPress plugins available in the WordPress directory. In this article, I am going to provide you the best 11 WordPress plugins to create a backup of your WordPress website with easy restore feature. Let’s get started.

[wpptl-listing id=287652]

Wrapping it up.

So, these are the best Eleven WordPress Backup Plugin that can help you to secure your WordPress website more efficiently. Just to be clear, I am disclosing the above list down below for a quick recap.

I hope you like this list. What do you think about it? Share your views via comments. Till then have a good one.