Most of the time, WordPress themes can vary wildly from one to another in terms of popularity. Some become really sought after, while some others just don’t fare that well. Unfortunately for us, this is the case with Appstract– our third premium theme. Even on the day of release, it just wasn’t doing well enough.

Thus, from today on we’ve retired Appstract from sale. Compared to our other themes, it wasn’t doing so well in terms of popularity, so we’ve decided to focus instead on the ones with more demand. Thiswill allow us more time to concentrate on developing better features for the rest of the themes, as well as release more stuff in less time.

We’re not happy to have taken this decision, but for now it seems to be the best course of action.

For those of you who bought Appstract, don’t be alarmed. We’ll still provide all the support you need through the forums, and we’ll issue an update if necessary in the event that a bug appears.