We’ve released a completely new theme! This time, it’s a photography focused WordPress theme with plenty of great features to boot.

Appstract is a WordPress theme made for creatives and photograhpers who wish to exhibit their work in a clean and professional way. It features a flexible panel layout on the homepage, which lets you showcase a variety of content with ease. It also comes with multiple templates for the portfolio and blog, which allows you to further customize your site.

Appstract strives to create a striking first impression. It boasts a paneled homepgae slider with no pagination whatsoever, which allows you to place as many images you want in an ordered fashion and creating both great content and great visuals. This is due to each slide having its own page, which gives you the opportunity to add a lot of content paired with full-width panoramic images to go with.

Appstract is Here 1

Under the hood, Appstract provides you with a lot of options to change the layout of your site, which includes taglines– blocks of content designed to be placed in a great variety of places throughout the site– and options to style the whole theme as you wish. The theme also brings different templates for each kind of page, such as the blog and portfolio, giving you more choices to create your own personal site.

Appstract is available at 40$ in ThemeForest. Get the Appstract WordPress theme today!