As you may have seen in the last few weeks, we’ve been busy releasing new and exciting features for our WordPress themes. First we released a new core upgrade, which has brought a whole new level of flexibility to our existing themes. Then, two weeks ago we released Transcend, one of our most beautiful and versatile themes up to date. And this week we’ve launched Intuition Pro, a premium version for our fastest growing WordPress theme.

Today, we’d also like to make an important announcement regarding some changes in our service.

Changes To Our Pricing System

First and foremost, we’d like to announce that we’ll be raising the price of our subscription to match the number of themes in our collection right now. As you may recall, we launched our subscription-basedmodel back in October last year, when we had little over 7 premium WordPress themes.

Today, that number has grown to 16, and the individual quality of each theme has also drastically improved. We’ve also steadily grown our documentation over time, and we’ve learned a lot by responding to support inquiries in the forum. Our plan is to keep going that way, releasing more themes so you can get an ever increasing value out of your subscription.

But to do that, we need to bump our prices a little. Therefore, starting next week, our subscription price will raise to $119 per year. We believe this is a fair price for the level of quality we offer, and hope it will let us bring even more awesome WordPress themes to the world.

Bear in mind that this increase will only apply to new subscribers! Our existing subscribers will continue to pay the same amount unless they cancel their subscription. Isn’t that neat?

Single Theme Purchases

Over the last few months, we’ve also receiven a number of requests to buy single themes instead of acquiring a full subscription. Thus, in order to provide more flexibility, we will be bringing back single theme purchases along with our standard subscription.

The cost of WordPress themes will vary, but you can expect their individual price tags to be around $59. Buying a single theme will not get you into any kind of recurring subscription, and you will be able to access the support forums and documentation for up to one year.

This way, you will be able to make a one-off purchase of the WordPress theme you like the most, and use it anywhere you’d like. Of course, if you work with WordPress themes regularly, you might want to consider subscribing to get full access to our collection.

A Faster Development Cycle

The massive overhaul we did to our core framework was twofold. On one hand, we wanted to push our themes to the next level by adding features that really gave you the ability to do almost anything with a theme.

But on the other hand, we also wanted to streamline our development process for each theme. As a result, this new framework allows us to create better WordPress themes in way less time, dramatically speeding up the development and release cycle of our themes.

What does this mean? Simply put, it means we will be able to release better themes, way faster. Whereas currently we are aiming to release at least one premium theme per month, a faster process will allow us to bump that amount to 3-4 themes every two months.

This way, you will get even more value out of your CPOThemes subscription, since you can expect our collection to grow steadily over the span of a year.

New Pricing Starting On July 28th

As mentioned before, the new pricing scheme and individual theme purchases will take effect next week, from July 28th onwards. If you’re considering getting a subscription, now’s the time!