It’s time for a new release! It’s been a while since we last released a new WordPress theme. Last time, we made a complete overhaul of Brilliance and improved its design by a large margin, bringing new features to the table.

Today, we are launching a totally new WordPress theme– in particular, one that is available for free as well. Take a look at the new member of our collection: Allegiant.

A multipurpose (and free) WordPress theme

When designing Allegiant, we wanted to opt for a truly flexible design that served well in many different situations. A versatile theme with a neutral, customizable design.

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To achieve this, we decided to provide support for up to sevend different content types, just so you can create almost any kind of site with it. With Allegiant, you can create the following elements and place them in your website: homepage slides, feature blocks, portfolio items, services, team members, testimonials, and clients.


Reordering the homepage elements

If you use our WordPress themes, you might remember them for their ease of use. To fully recreate the homepage shown in the demos, all you need to do is to start adding content and the theme takes shape by itself.

We’ve taken things a step further, and added a cool new feature: homepage reordering. You can now open up the native WordPress customizer, and change the ordering of every row in the homepage by simply dragging and dropping individual elements.

Portfolios and services

Being a multipurpose theme, Allegiant comes with plenty of support for portfolio items and services. With these two content types, you can lay out your content in many different ways.

For example, you can use the portfolio and its categories to display your works, to create a gallery of images, or you can even go further and create detailed case studies. On the other hand, services can be used to list your company offerings, or even displaying additional features of your product.


Support for team members

Allegiant also supports team members. You can use them to showcase people publicly on your website, complete with social media links and descriptions.


Team members can be used for many different purposes, too. If for example you are working on an event website, you can use this functionality to add speakers. Or if you need to create a directory, you can also add them as notable people.

Testimonials, clients, and social proof

Social proof is an important factor for generating conversions and attracting people to your page. Allegiant provides plenty of support for this, showcasing testimonials and client logos easily on the homepage.

You can create as many testimonials as you need to, and each one can have an image, description, and title. On the other hand, clients can be linked to their respective URLs for solid reputation building.


Download Allegiant for free

Allegiant is available both as a premium and as a free WordPress theme, too. You can download it right now by registering on our site and going to the theme page, located here.